Climate change, melting ice caps, deforestation, plastic pollution in the sea, species going extinct.
Phrases repeated time and again in the last few months and years. It would become boring had it not be about real danger in the last moments of having hope to save the Earth. Nature film makers have always been leaders in raising awareness and they did a good job this time again. Nobody can give out louder or more spectacular emergency signals than them. Their objective is to make it every single human being’s personal problem and to make them realize that everybody can indeed do something to avoid catastrophe. Moreover, everybody has to act because nobody will save the planet if we are not doing it ourselves.

But a filmmaker’s duty does not end here. The time of simply introducing problems is over, solutions are needed. Several films from this year’s selection takes on the noble task that – with the help of science, inventions and human sacrifice - shows a different way to humanity facing its impending doom.

The Gödöllő International Nature Film Festival has not only developed into a mature, world class competition but turned into one of the important players of this challenge. Many thanks to the artists, who support this aim with their wonderful films.
László Gáspár