„Even the greatest force cannot do anything on its own, it cannot do much, I would say: for forces united even the seemingly impossible is often possible. What is a drop of water worth? But millions of drops together can be astonishingly strong.”

(Ferenc Kölcsey)

The principal professional topic of this year’s International Nature Film Festival is water, that – according to UN experts – might become more valuable than gold by the end of the century. This year’s motto: ‘Nature and environmental protection with the power of arts and games’ could not be any more up-to-the-minute, because if we do not teach the appreciation and protection of nature to future generations, than we place our children and grandchildren in a difficult position.

The organizers of the Festival follow the lead of their motto and of Ferenc Kölcsey’s thought, they implement all possible tools to raise awareness of nature protection’s importance in the society. The installation moving the water of Rákos Creek, the communal building of FESZT-PET boats (I am writing this piece as a somewhat biased participant from the start) or the final of the ‘Drop the C’ student competition are just few of the activities of this year’s festival’s amazing series of programs.

Professional programs going on parallel with the screening of films, such as the conference on the protection of wetland habitats and indigenous fish or the discussion on the connection between agrotechnology and nature protection are events that have become main meeting points for the professionals of these fields.

Not only these, but all the fantastic events of the festival serve the purpose of raising environmental awareness with the help of arts, science, education or games. The Media Council of the National Media and Telecommunications Authority, due to the aims and commitment described above has endowed awards and has been a cooperating professional partner for the team of Róbert Kátai and Tamás Székelyhidi.

We also share in the responsibility for contemporary Hungarian films, already in 2011, at the beginning of the Media Patronage Program, the revival of Hungarian nature film making was a priority. The Media Council supported 232 documentaries, 115 nature films among them with almost 2 billion HUF. The nature films won 44 prestigious awards in 143 national and international festivals. We are very proud that films supported by the Patronage Program have always been outstandingly successful at the Nature Film Festival in Gödöllő as well.

As an avid supporter of nature protection we trust that with the collaboration of responsible people we can stop ruining the environment and we can avoid the dystopia when common drinking water becomes more precious than gold.

The organizers of the festival provide an example how – as Kölcsey said: ‘for forces united even the seemingly impossible is often possible” – everything is the question of thinking and working together.
Tamás Kollarik
member of Media Council
coordinator of Hungarian Media Patronage Program