The transformation of the International Nature Film Festival

The first Film Review was organized in 2015. We were already dreaming about a bigger, unconventional festival, where films would serve as the backbone and they would deliver the message. Today, at the fifth occasion several art forms are present from photo and fine arts to music. The framework that brings fame, acknowledgement and quality are the films.

1464 entries from 98 countries, 6 locations, the screening of 146 films, artwork from more than 400 amateur and professional artists, 65 partners exhibiting and introducing themselves between 24 and 26 May, 2019. This year’s motto, or rather the objective of the festival is ‘Nature and environmental protection with the power of arts and games’. Because the objective is to focus attention to these topics through the pieces of art.

Why do we use this method, what is the power of art? We learn the meaning of the word ‘ART’ from our parents, forefathers and contemporaries. We learn through examples, for what and why people say something is a piece of art. If the artist is a master and I understand their message, I want to take the object home, show it to others, it has effect on us – and here and now it is all about protecting nature and our environment.

Playing a game: it is with us all through life. It is a voluntary pastime, there is no obligation in it. The magic of playing a game can grab any age group, its basis is our ability to reflect and shape reality. Our exhibiting partners provide opportunity and ideas to do exactly that.

Our festival is an event where pieces of art are introduced and they start their own journey. Every film, exhibition, trash art statue will live its own life after the festival. Our Festival is the START line for them all.

The festival greets these outbound participants, it is a location where the atmosphere and the emotions are high, from where the race begins and we all want to reach the finish line and present anything we did for the survival of the Blue Planet.

We thank all the artists for their work, so that the festival can remain what it was: an colourful event based on the framework of films.
In the name of the organizers:
Tamás Székelyhidi