Compilation of films of the 5th International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő

Budapest Water Summit 2019
15-17 October 2019

Afshin Ziaeian Alipour  
Attila David MOLNAR  
Plastic CUP - the official story of the Plastic Pirates
Arthur Rifflet  
Global Thermostat
Bhabasagar Ghimire  
Brano Molnár  
I live the Danube
Lyasuk Dimitrij  
Migration of cranes on beautiful Hortobágy
Lyasuk Dimitrij  
Story of the 1.5 ton garbage of the river
Micah Smith  
Sustainable nation
Rob Stweart  
Sharkwater extinction
Sabin Maharjan, Ashish Basnet  
Color of Water